A Pure HTML5/CSS3 Fully Responsible and Resizable Slideshow Animations (No JavaScript).

Slide 01. Try resizing the window to see the effect.

Slide 02. JavaScript is not used.

Slide 03. Ratio of height to the width of the window slider in this example is equal to 0.625. You can use any ratio.

Slide 04. All demo pictures have different sizes and are automatically resized and can be dynamically rescaled.

Slide 05. Tested on recent versions of browsers.

Slide 06. Inside the slider you can use the <video>, <object> and <iframe> tags to show video (100% width and 100% height).

Slide 07. A pure HTML5/CSS3 fully responsible and resizable slideshow animation (no JavaScript)

Slide 08. Best way - typographically controlling font sizes (font-size: [2.0vw ÷ 3.5vw]) using CSS. But now (2013) Chrome and Safari not supported typographically sized fonts without scripts.