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Simple SVG Code Editor

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SVG on the web

 Scalable Vector Graphics based on XML, is an open-standard vector graphics file format and Web development language created by the W3C, and has been designed to be compatible with other W3C standards such as DOM, CSS, XML, XSLT, XSL, SMIL, HTML, and XHTML. SVG offers important advantages over bitmap or raster formats such as:
  • Zooming: Users can magnify their view of an image without negatively affecting the resolution.
  • Text stays text: Text remains editable and searchable. Additionally, any font may be used.
  • Small file size: SVG files are typically smaller than other Web-graphic formats and can be downloaded more quickly.
  • Display independence: SVG images always appear crisp on your screen, no matter the resolution. You will never experience “pixelated” images.
  • Superior color control: SVG offers a palette of 16 million colors.
  • Interactivity and intelligence: Since SVG is XML-based, it offers dynamic interactivity that can respond to user actions.

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